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A New Me2everyone Website? 09 November 2016 was last updated several years ago and since a vote by active members in November 2014 all development work has come to an end. In December a new version of Me2everyone will be unveiled. There will be a simple log-in and a password request section. In the member‘s area, your personal profile and friends list will be gone. We will delete any photos, news items or links you may have posted. M2E News will also be gone, as will many of the current features. Instead, there will be a list of your Metoos and any payments you made to Me2everyone since 2008 - including payments to World Park which was acquired by the company in 2008. There will also be an offer to transfer your membership into a new ecosystem. There, your Metoos will be converted to shares at the rate of 1:1 and a pledge will be made to begin repaying any Enhanced Membership fees from January 2017. For Enhanced Members and registered shareholders there will also be additional benefits for your longer term involvement.

We will begin emailing all Me2everyone members from January 2017 with this news. Where email addresses are no longer in use, we will attempt to contact members by other means - especially Enhanced Members. This will begin a migration into somewhere which will become a vibrant member experience from 2017, where M2E members are a small part of what will be created. Expect more detailed news soon.  

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